CNSE is joining the GSCM Group

December 04 2019 à 11:26

The Groupe Solfab Constructions Modulaires (GSCM), designer and manufacturer of modular buildings is taking on a new dimension.
In acquiring the company CNSE, 1st French manufacturer of welfare units for construction sites,  mobile decontamination units and sanitary solutions for events, the Groupe Solfab Constructions Modulaires, 2nd  French manufacturer of modular buildings, consolidates its position of preferred interlocutor with rental companies, resellers and providers.
This very recent external growth strengthens the offer of temporary solutions already existing within the Group by providing mobile solutions designed and developed by CNSE.
A consolidation operating which is not diverting the Group from the determination to be a significant market player of permanent construction of off-site tertiary and public buildings.
By this recent acquisition, the Group is demonstrating again a will to support the customers by developing and evolving a new range of solutions.
The CNSE factory based in TAPONAS, to the north of Lyon, is joining the 4 other existing GSCM productions sites through the commercial brands BODARD, SOLFAB and DECORTES.
At the end of 2019 the Groupe will reach a turnover of around 70 M€ achieved by the 300 collaborators.